May 11, 2012

Yellow Melon

This beautiful Rare Chiffon Split Sleeve Belted Dress is from ASOS.
When I saw it on site I immediately fell in love, but when I got it I was a little bit disappointed with the color. I was sure it will be more in yellow, not so orange! But on photos it looks better I think.

Originally it comes with a dull narrow belt, but I decided to change it on the wide-one (yep, it's NewYorker again - actually I bought it in two colors pale pink & azure, because I can not decided which one is better).
So, some photos.

Oh yeah, and the beautiful amber pendant was borrowed from my mother.


  1. Your dress is amazing. I love it!
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  2. Thanks for following me. Been trying to follow you but I am nt seeing where to join your site. No followers button?

  3. Ok I figured it out. Following you now *smiles*

    1. yeah) smth happen with follow-button) thanks for join me!)