May 10, 2012

Emerald town

    So, yep, I've paid a visit to my parents, it was nice and cozy. And I haven't missed an opportunity to fill my wardrobe)
As far as I remember myfashionself, I've always tortured my mother with this vintage-clothes- issue..  Regretfully for potentially huge wardrobe my parents have moved a lot, so there is a few  pieces of clothes that make up my dowry. 
I was double glad to find this amazing emerald skirt in a forgotten corner of the closet. Thank God, it is well preserved and the fabric has only one lack - it becomes terribly crumpled in a very short time! But I pardon it because the color is simply magnificent!
Some photos for the proof :)

 Because of the airlines' weight restrictions (that I really can not stand), I flew with a limited reserve of outfits and so I've chosen a simple white T-shirt and this remarkable belt, which succeeded to dig out completely by accident on the sale at a local NewYorker.

 These photos are by Olga (with my petites corrections).

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