May 29, 2012

Never know...

Never know when you can meet a beautiful person, a real talent, an interesting person to talk to, a sincere friend, so never fear you are not alone.

The most simple white H&M top, the skirt which I do by myself almost a year ago and the perfect Gucci heels I was so lucky to buy in France during my vacation in 2009.

May 16, 2012

Light blue

This dress also came from Asos. I like it very much, even the fabric is much more soft and very nice to touch. The color is amazing. Vive l'ete!

May 15, 2012

Love Story 1970

It was real coup de foudre when I saw Jen in the library. The glasses first, and then the coats, the college skirts, pure colours... This girl from the 70s can easily be my best friend in 2012! For me it is also an excellent example of an innate style. Jennifer Cavilleri was a gifted student from a poor family, her clothing is nothing flashy or extravagant. It's just a great basic things that sit perfectly on her slender figure. I hardly found movie stills (thanks Google), so watch the movie itself, it gives the 90 min opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous style!
These pictures are from Google.

May 11, 2012

Yellow Melon

This beautiful Rare Chiffon Split Sleeve Belted Dress is from ASOS.
When I saw it on site I immediately fell in love, but when I got it I was a little bit disappointed with the color. I was sure it will be more in yellow, not so orange! But on photos it looks better I think.

Originally it comes with a dull narrow belt, but I decided to change it on the wide-one (yep, it's NewYorker again - actually I bought it in two colors pale pink & azure, because I can not decided which one is better).
So, some photos.

Oh yeah, and the beautiful amber pendant was borrowed from my mother.

May 10, 2012

Emerald town

    So, yep, I've paid a visit to my parents, it was nice and cozy. And I haven't missed an opportunity to fill my wardrobe)
As far as I remember myfashionself, I've always tortured my mother with this vintage-clothes- issue..  Regretfully for potentially huge wardrobe my parents have moved a lot, so there is a few  pieces of clothes that make up my dowry. 
I was double glad to find this amazing emerald skirt in a forgotten corner of the closet. Thank God, it is well preserved and the fabric has only one lack - it becomes terribly crumpled in a very short time! But I pardon it because the color is simply magnificent!
Some photos for the proof :)

 Because of the airlines' weight restrictions (that I really can not stand), I flew with a limited reserve of outfits and so I've chosen a simple white T-shirt and this remarkable belt, which succeeded to dig out completely by accident on the sale at a local NewYorker.

 These photos are by Olga (with my petites corrections).

May 9, 2012

I had a very good week in the south of Russia.
 I like the sea and the air and the opportunity of "nothing to do". I've also met a beautiful photographer here, we didn't have much time, but I've enjoyed our collaboration. Here is some of her works!

All the pictures are from Olga.

Apr 17, 2012

Petite Intro

This picture was taken almost a year ago during my trip to France. Every time I'm staring at it my heart is filled with warm and cozy emotions and I begin to smile. I hope everyone of you have something hidden in memories that actually is a great source of inspiration. Old photos, used movie tickets, silly souvenirs, a chocolate bar wrapper, scents, you name it - give birth to a chain of thoughts and emotions and finally the level is so high you wanna share with people around you. Alors, from all this lyrics, through this blog I want to share with you things that make me smile, make me proud, sometimes make me envy (but not too much), make me feel myself elegant and edgy, or boyish or shaggy) all that adorable and simply great things that I've noticed during my voyages, or when I just leave my home in the morning) There will be a lot of photos reflecting my vision of fashion and style, and generally things that should have focus on. Enjoy!